Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Teacher Thank You Card

Made this for Mo's teacher.

Doggy treats.

These dog cookies from Cookies By Design were in the treat bags along with other fun stuff from the dollar store, or Target, or Michaels...

Birthday party

Ok, these are the favor bags we handed out at Mo's party.


Friday, May 18, 2007

best ending ever!!!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kids Activities...

What is too much??? Hmm, I ponder. I did lots of things when I was little - but I think too many things are too much.

So, I told my two older kids - they could do two activities outside of school.

So, Cooper (4), has preschool on T/Th. He does Kindermusik on Mondays and Tae Kwon Do on MWF afternoons.... Oh - and church choir that I am the choir director (another story for another time.)

Morgan (5), has school MTWThF, and Gymnastics (was on T and now on M, but we stopped for May). She has tae kwon do now also, was MWF afternoons with Cooper and now she is in the bigger group - so can go all week if wanted.

Next year, Morgan would love Kindermusik so I signed her up. and she would love cheerleading and girl scouts.... where do you draw the line???

Oh - Ella is enrolled in Kindermusik also at 18 months, while both the others are in school....

Too many balls to juggle!!!

Another swap - alphabet one..

Ok, this could be a great gift - an alphabet book 6x6...

I did two letters - here is an example of R.

Go to splitcoast to sign up - it is under swaps and this one ends June 1.

R - red, rectangle, ring, rattle and ribbon...

Scrapping ...

Today I did a scrapbook page.. See what you think. Disney...


I am in this swap for cards - tag cards. Mine is a birthday one. I like the way it turned out. All bold brights from Stampin up - all images are stampin up! Thanks for looking.

Ella is growing.

My baby is growing. Here she is at 17 months old!

First Tooth Lost!

Ok, so Morgan (my oldest - now 5), just lost her first tooth! She was in a store and tripped and fell and out it came. Ok - it was dangling by a thread. But, cool-o!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Birthday Gift

Made this for neighbor birthday. Turned out cute!