Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kids Activities...

What is too much??? Hmm, I ponder. I did lots of things when I was little - but I think too many things are too much.

So, I told my two older kids - they could do two activities outside of school.

So, Cooper (4), has preschool on T/Th. He does Kindermusik on Mondays and Tae Kwon Do on MWF afternoons.... Oh - and church choir that I am the choir director (another story for another time.)

Morgan (5), has school MTWThF, and Gymnastics (was on T and now on M, but we stopped for May). She has tae kwon do now also, was MWF afternoons with Cooper and now she is in the bigger group - so can go all week if wanted.

Next year, Morgan would love Kindermusik so I signed her up. and she would love cheerleading and girl scouts.... where do you draw the line???

Oh - Ella is enrolled in Kindermusik also at 18 months, while both the others are in school....

Too many balls to juggle!!!

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