Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being a mother is hard for me most days and easy smeezy some days. Few people would guess how hard it is for me - but many would guess how important it is to me!

I am a fun mom
a loud mom
a crazy mom
a make a mess mom
a spiritual mom
a not afraid to tell you what I think mom
a creative mom
a madly in love with my husband mom
a sensitive mom
a pushover mom
a your socks don't have to match - but you better have a bow in your hair kind of mom

a fly by the seat of my pants mom
but also a freak about schedule's mom (this makes me kind of a Jeckle and Hyde type)
everything is sentimental so don't throw it away kind of mom

a buy treats and balloons at the grocery store kind of mom
a do what works kind of mom
a get over it and stop crying kind of mom
a snuggle cuddle mom
a cry with my kids mom
a bring bugs in the house kind of mom
a never take my kids temperature or go to the doctor kind of mom

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